Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Long time to no see!

Well I came across an awesome competition today so I thought I'd tell you all about it.  It's called Capture the Colour and youu can enter here:

So I have been scouring my travel photos (what a great excuse to reminisce) looking for photos that represent the colours, blue, green, white, yellow and red. Here is what I picked....

GREEN: This picture was taken Hue, Vietnam. It was a damp day and we were exploring the Citadel. It was beautiful but ravaged by the war. We stumbled across a patch of garden that looked like it hadn't been touched for 100 years. This river is covered in algae and it almost looks as if you could walk along it, beautiful.

RED: I chose this picture. It may not be the cleverest picture but I think it shows a bit of Petra you don't normally see. We were exploring off the normal tourist track and the 40 degree heat led us to seek any shade we could. Hiding in this little cave I was amazed at the different red colours naturally visible in the rock. Changing Rooms, eat your heart out!

WHITE: This is a scene in Mumbai. There is a large patch of ground in central Mumbai which attracts a cricketing crowd. In a country that is so full of colour, dust and muck, the clean white uniforms of these cricketers caught our attention. We were lying in the grass, reading one of the English language newspapers and enjoying a brief respite from the heat. 

 BLUE: In Prague we passed over the Charles Bridge several times. On the way back to the hostel one night we passed over the bridge and I was impressed at how ble the sky was at sunset. It made the profiles of the statues really stand out and I thought they looked extra imposing. It was a really clear and crisp night and it was fantastic to have the bridge almost to ourselves to enjoy it.

YELLOW: At the end of the day in Marrakesh the world gravitates toward Djemaa El Finar and the back streets empty. Here, we are wandering through the souk, back to our Riad and we were struck by the difference between the day and the night. The shops are shut and the shadows, contrasted by the yellow night, was interesting enough for us to whip out the camera. 

So that is my submission. I love taking photos, despite the fact it's not my greatest strength. It is so hard to explain the feelings behind these pictures so i hope I have done my experiences justice.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Popping my cherry blossom.

This time two years ago I took a holiday to Rio de Janeiro and it changed my life. As well as several mosquitoes that bit me, the travel bug got a good strong nip in there too .

I love to travel : There's no two way about it,

From 28th September 2009 - 28th February 2010 I travelled around India and South-East Asia with my boyfriend Karl. I meant to keep a diary/journal but I gave up pretty quickly. It took time to write and I was tired in the evenings after long, hot,exciting days of sightseeing and long, hot boring days of travelling between places.
I now have a shiny new netbook, the Samsung N210 plus, and so now I can take a wifi ready, light and snazzy little gadget with me which will allow people to read about my life and travels.

We have no immediate travelling planned but we are off on holiday to Japan 3rd March for two weeks. It should be fantastic if not a little on the tight size in terms of our budget. I am hoping to see the beginning of the cherry blossom, a sumo match and eat some mazing Japanese food. I find the culture so fascinating as it's so very different. Where as South-East Asia was colonised so often by the English, French  and Portuguese, it seems like Japan was relatively untouched and preserved it's way of life for many more years.

Until then I suppose it's just the random ramblings of my London life.

A couple of things to know about me:
1 - I live rent free with my boyfriend in West Ealing, London.
2 - I work at the Royal Albert Hall as a steward.
3 - I love musical theatre and I want to go to drama school to study it.
4 - I want to learn Spanish so we can go travelling in South America.

Hasta Manana